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In addition to our Masorti Kindergarten and European cooperation regarding students, communities and rabbis, Masorti Germany is active in the following areas:


The development of educational material in German for all areas of Jewish education and for all age groups is one main focus of our work. These are publications for services, teaching materials, children's books and publications that deal with the history and philosophy of Masorti.

The Masorti Lehrhaus

Masorti and the Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue hold ongoing workshops on synagogue skills.

Projects in Germany
These are projects in cooperation with the Central Council for Jews in Germany and its communities and other projects, e.g. our interreligious Kindergartenproject.

International Projects
We are also part of international projects and cooperation with international partners. We organise seminars, conferences and

meetings in Berlin.

We are also happy to provide information about interesting projects of our partner organisations.