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Summerparty with the Masorti Kindergartens

New Masorti Primary School

Masorti is planning to open a primary school in fall 2018

The Masorti Primary School will have several defining characteristics:
*Its progressive approach to pedagogy and education,
  including open class rooms
*Double bi-lingualism: German-Hebrew and German-
  English (as a continuation of the Masorti kindergartens)
*Consideration of Jewish pluralism as an enrichment
*Welcoming multiple family forms

*Gender equality, especially in Jewish religious practice
If you are interested please send an email to schule(at)

The newest Newsletter of the Zacharias Frankel College, the Masorti Rabbinical school in Potsdam, can be found here.

"Machon le Giur"

Welcome to the 3rd seminar Machon le Giur from 15th to 18th March in Berlin!

In the framework of this new pilot project (initiated by Masorti e.V. and funded by the Central Council of Jews in Germany), up to 20 russian-speaking people with a jewish father and a non-jewish mother will be guided to an official recognition of their status by the General Rabbinical Conference of Germany (Allgemeine Rabbinerkonferenz Deutschland).

Participants are leearning in groups in their home communities and during five shabbatonim in Berlin, in cooperation with the Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue.

You can find more informationen in the german or russian flyer.
If you are interested, please send as an email.

Please find the website for our interreligious Kindergarten project here.

Voluntary Services with Masorti
Masorti Germany is happy to welcome volunteers from Italy, Germany and Ukraine for a European Voluntary Service resp. Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr in 2017/2018! If you are interested

in volunteering with Masorti, please send us your CV and motivation letter per Email.

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